Organectomy – Existential Disconnect (Review)

Organectomy - Existential Disconnect

Organectomy are a New Zealand death metal band and this is their second album.

2017’s Domain of the Wretched arrived with a bang, a whirlwind of spine-ripping aggression, and a surprisingly well-rounded offer.

Existential Disconnect contains 48 minutes of fresh brutality. if you haven’t encountered them before, Organectomy play modern death metal that also incorporates some old-school and classic death metal influences here and there, which definitely help to add weight and substance to the band’s modern ferocity. Don’t misunderstand; this is a band that are thoroughly modern in the delivery of their music, but they’ve learned a few songwriting tricks from the classic masters of the genre, and have put these to good use across the album.

The above is is then spliced with slam and elements of deathcore, allowing Organectomy to really bring the pain. I find a lot of slam and deathcore to be lacking in substance once you get past the pit-rousing heaviness of the instant-appeal nature of the styles, but due to the solid death metal base that Organectomy have, this is not a problem that they really fall prey to. On Existential Disconnect the listener gets to enjoy these two much-maligned styles as they’re backed up by a firm death metal framework. Having said that, however, the slam components of the band’s music do seem to be a bit more prominent on this album than the last.

Although a smaller part of their sound, the band’s technical and atmospheric influences are still, thankfully, used well. The atmospheric components of the songs are few and far between, as you would expect, (which is a shame), whereas the band’s technical side shows up more often, peppered around the album. Both add flavour, and once again help differentiate the band from the banal average.

So, overall Organectomy are operating at peak killing efficiency, and are definitely up there with the kings of the slam subgenre. With good doses of both heaviness and substance, Existential Disconnect is a strongly recommended listen for anyone into modern brutality.

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