Flesh of the Stars – Mercy (Review)

Flesh of the Stars - MercyThis is the fourth album from US doom band Flesh of the Stars.

On both Hide and Anhilla Flesh of the Stars impressed me with their emotive brand of doom metal, and their progression over time. Now the band are back with this latest album that features 48 minutes of new material.

The band still have a base of traditional doom metal, but have let their progressive wings soar on this new release. Opening with the 22-minute spectacle that is the album’s title track is a bold statement of intent, and it’s great to hear the band pushing their evocative music even further than previously.

The rest of the album is just as high quality, however. The songwriting and flow of the music is first rate, and each individual track stands well on its own, as well as in the greater holistic context of the album.

Enriched with synths and layered vocals, this is an album of emotional weight and depth. The band’s songcraft seems to be getting better with age, and these new songs are both affecting and full of substance. The way that Flesh of the Stars combine choice riffs with exquisite melodies is something to behold. When these fall into perfect step with the luscious vocal performances, this is music that can uplift and transport with the best of them.

This is progressive doom of the highest order. How this band aren’t more popular I’ll never know.

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