Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (Review)

OrganectomyOrganectomy are a New Zealand death metal band and this is their debut album.

Now that’s what you call an album cover. Oh yeah.

Organectomy play brutal death metal, but it’s not without nuance. Survive the 49 minutes of carnage that they offer up on Domain of the Wretched and you’ll discover that not only do the band have a talent for outright brutality and slamming death metal, but that there’s also elements of technical, melodic, and atmospheric death metal spread out around the release too.

This is heavy, nasty, and full of spine-ripping aggression. As I say though, the band also know how to inject a few different elements into their music, making for an album that contains more subtleties and variations than most of this type. It’s important to remember what this means in the context of an album like this though, as this isn’t the type of thing that you’ll listen to if you want a calming, relaxing listen. No, this is all about face-ripping brutality, it’s just that the band also know how to enhance this with tricks, ideas, and moods that show they have a more comprehensive toolbox than most bands that play death metal of this sort.

Although Organectomy mainly play in the modern arena, and there’s a deathcore aspect to their sound too, there’s also a decent amount of old-school and classic death metal influences that can be heard. This is yet another reason why this is such a well-rounded slab of savagery; the band are obviously keen to not overly limit themselves, and clearly have a wide-range of influences that have gone into helping to craft Domain of the Wretched.

The singer’s deep gurgling deathgrowls hit the spot nicely, and he’s backed up by various other growls and screams. Like everything else here the vocal delivery is faultless, and overall this is an album which satisfies and pleases.

Very enjoyable, highly accomplished, and sickeningly infectious, Organectomy have landed with the force of a small nuke.

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