Sarayasign – Throne of Gold (Review)

Sarayasign - Throne of GoldThis is the debut album from Sarayasign, a rock band from Sweden.

Occasionally you stumble, blindly, across an album that is a real gem. Throne of Gold is exactly one such release. Sarayasign’s rock style may have fallen out of fashion some time ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that what they have produced here is a damn good album.

Sarayasign play a mix of hard, melodic, and progressive rock. The promo blurb states that bands such as Queensrÿche, Dio, and Avantasia are appropriate reference points, and I would agree. More than anything Throne of Gold reminds me of Queensrÿche’s seminal Operation: Mindcrime and Empire albums, despite the fact that there are more than just Queensrÿche influences at play here. Yes, I’m pleased to say that Sarayasign actually have their own identity, regardless of any surface similarities to other bands. Throne of Gold is more than able to stand tall on its own two feet.

Throne of Gold is a concept-driven album that tells a story as the album unfolds. The songs are well-written and have clearly been put together by professionals who know how to craft this sort of music. Tightly delivered and packed with catchy and memorable moments, as well as some standout choruses, these songs are very easy to absorb and like.

This is an old-school album that’s also learned a few tricks from more contemporary sources. The album has a cinematic scope which sounds quite modern, yet also reaches back in time to the sort of concept album that you might expect to hear in the late 80s or early 90s. Sarayasign have successfully managed to bring an old-school rock sound into the present day, and the results are very compelling.

I have to mention the singer too. Albums like this frequently fall down in the vocal department, but not Throne of Gold. The vocalist of Sarayasign has, quite simply, a great voice, and I could listen to him all day. I haven’t hear a voice quite like his in some time.

Throne of Gold is a very impressive and accomplished work. There is a lot to take in across its eight tracks, but spending the time with this 44-minute album is mandatory if you’re a fan of this sort of classic rock style. Sarayasign have landed, and by rights they should be a name on everyone’s lips.

Very highly recommended.

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