Queensrÿche – Digital Noise Alliance (Review)

Queensrÿche - Digital Noise AllianceQueensrÿche are a legendary US progressive metal band and this is their sixteenth album.

Following on from 2019’s enjoyable The Verdict, Queensrÿche have returned with a new 57 minutes of material in the shape of Digital Noise Alliance.

Queensrÿche play intelligently crafted progressive metal, delivered with professional skill and songwriting smarts.

The songs on Digital Noise Alliance are melodic and display classic songsmithing from the start to the end. Queensrÿche’s style is an engaging mix of old and new; the writing stays true to the early Queensrÿche sound and feel, while there’s a definite contemporary edge that comes from the production, certain creative choices, and the band’s undeniable passion. There is an energy to Digital Noise Alliance that’s as infectious as the music.

The music benefits from textured riffs, nuanced drumming, and a bass presence that’s impactful. Of course, the star of the show in many ways is the band’s talented singer, who has an excellent voice that fits Queensrÿche’s music perfectly.

Digital Noise Alliance is a solid and enjoyable album from a band that know how to write a good metal tune. It’s a grower for sure, so make sure you give it the time it deserves.

A highly recommended listen.

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