Makkmat – Beina Brenner (Review)

Makkmat - Beina BrennerMakkmat are a grindcore band from Norway and this is their debut album.

Playing grinding powerviolence that’s fast, sharp, and filled with a menacing punk energy, it’s time to strap yourself in and enter the fray with your best armoured post-apocalyptic vehicle. After all, how will you stay safe with Makkmat running around causing chaos and mayhem?

Beina Brenner lasts a little over 15 minutes, and spends the majority of its time relentlessly attacking the listener with scathing blast beats and abusive vocals. Speaking of the latter, these are a mix of cutting shrieks that almost verge on static, harsh screams that seem to want to leave scars, and the occasional deep growl thrown in for extra belligerence. We sometimes get other types of vocals included too, and overall it’s a diverse offering from the band on the vocal front.

The tracks are energetic and violent, with a firm punk influence felt, but bolstered by grindcore intensity. Makkmat know what they’re doing with the material here, and it’s quite easy to just dip into this album and get battered and bruised by its brutal nature.

The music’s production values are quite satisfying, with the recording striking the right balance between rawness and clarity. The band are clearly not without ideas either, as various tracks here offer small variations on the band’s frenzied theme, adding to the overall enjoyment and engagement of the listener in their songs. There’s also a Siege cover included, but I must particularly note the band’s savage cover of Protest and Survive by Discharge. Top stuff.

Beina Brenner is an enjoyable and moreish listen that should be sampled by grindheads everywhere. Check it out.

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