Exumer – Hostile Defiance (Review)

Exumer - Hostile DefianceThis is the fifth album from these German thrash metal veterans.

2016’s The Raging Tides was a solid and enjoyable slab of thrash metal, and much the same can be said of Hostile Defiance too.

Full of crisp riffs, melodic verve, engaging vocals, and ripping solos, these songs are everything you would want from an aggressive thrash metal album in 2019, especially if you like it delivered via old-school know-how and talent. The band’s old-school style is filtered through new-school methods, skills, and production values too, producing an album that has enough features of both that should appeal to and satisfy most fans of thrash, no matter the era.

Pick any song here and you’re basically on to a winner. Sharp, melodic, beefy, and packed with juicy riffs and attitude, each track is a good showcase for the album’s merits. Taken as a whole, Hostile Defiance is a very enjoyable and satisfying release.

It’s hard to dislike something as well-crafted as this. Exumer’s fifth album ably shows that they still have plenty to give, and Hostile Defiance is a riotously good listen.

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