Shuulak – Citrinitas (Review)

Shuulak - CitrinitasThis is the latest EP from Shuulak, a heavy metal band from the Netherlands.

This release contains three songs and an outro; 14 minutes of infectious, high quality heavy metal.

The Chosen starts us off strongly, all kicking metallic riffs and melodic bite. The band’s traditionally-informed-yet-modern take on heavy metal is infectious and moreish. The Chosen is a great way to get the ball rolling. With a professional production, sound, and delivery, this reminds me of why I get excited every time I see the name Shuulak.

Up next is Altar of Gods, and is just as well-written as The Chosen. Groovy and bright, with some nice guitar-work, this is another successful track for the band. There are shades here of everything from Black Sabbath to Nevermore to Queensrÿche, as well as some classic rock in some of the vocals. I really do like the singer’s voice, and, in fact, everything else about this band’s music.

Final song proper – Chaosborn – is thick and meaty, with chugging riffs and vocals to just eat up. Full of hooks and instantly memorable, Chaosborn is yet another well-written and delivered tune. The actual final track is the title track, and consists of just over a minute of soft female vocals and ambient sounds. It works well to play us out, and I’m left wanting more from Shuulak.

Three EPs in total, three wins. My past encounters with Shuulak convinced me that they had more in them worth hearing, and Citrinitas is the proof. Surely it must be time for a full length from this superlative band?

Essential listening for any metal fan.

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