Refusal – Epitome of Void (Review)

Refusal - Epitome of VoidRefusal are a Finnish death metal band and this is their second album.

Here we have 32 minutes of old-school death metal mixed with elements of grind and hardcore. It’s nasty, savage, and packs a mean punch. Entombed and Napalm Death are your reference points here, along with bands like Rotten Sound, Crawl, and Lik.

Filthy and rotten, and fuelled by baleful energies, this is music that wastes no time by going for the throat in the most vicious of manners. The chainsaw guitars cut through pretty much anything put in front of them, while aggressive vocals growl and scream straight into your face.

The band have written a satisfying collection of songs, and there are a good array of meaty riffs to get your bloody teeth into. Refusal may have a familiar character, but it’s a very enjoyable one nonetheless. Punk violence, grinding harshness, and the occasional macabre melody add flavour as the songs roar by.

People who are not taken with this style of music already will probably find little of interest for them here, but I like a bit of dark, Finnish nastiness, and Refusal play their adopted style extremely well.

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