Gjendød – Krigsdøger (Review)

Gjendød - KrigsdøgerGjendød are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their second album.

Having enjoyed 2016’s Gjendød and 2017’s Nedstigning, I knew I definitely wanted to catch up with Gjendød on their new album. The band have not disappointed me.

One of the first things which strikes me is the album artwork, a step up in quality and professionalism, and surely a statement of intent.

The band’s music also demonstrates a ramping up in quality, delivery, and lethal intent, all while remaining true to raw, underground black metal. Travelling down the same path through the midnight forest that was being carved out in their previous releases, Gjendød now seem to truly have the measure of themselves on Krigsdøger. The music is atmospheric and vicious, providing blackened depth as well as instant appeal frosted gratification.

Dark melodies are used very effectively, as is an audible bass that makes worthwhile contributions. The guitars are intense when they need to be, and fragile and delicate at other moments. Gjendød seem to have focused a lot on their songwriting for Krigsdøger, and this effort has paid off handsomely. When all three come together perfectly and are aided by low-key synths, the result can be truly majestic at times.

Krigsdøger contains Gjendød’s most enjoyable and compelling material yet. If you’re a black metal connoisseur then make sure this is high on your list of albums to devour.

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