Nott – Vestigium Mortis (Review)

NottThis is the latest EP from Nott, an Italian one man black metal band.

Influenced by classic Scandinavian black metal, this EP contains 27 minutes of darkness and foul blackened venom.

Old-school and raw, this is orthodox black metal for people that can’t get enough of the style. Consisting of seven hymns to hatred and death, five of which are songs, this EP is easy to absorb and appreciate if you have a soft spot for the second wave style.

Fully devoted to the darkness, the artist behind Nott knows his stuff. Apparently largely containing older material previously written a decade or so ago, (5 songs), alongside a newer opener and closer, (2 tracks), the songs on this release blast, tear, and cut their way through the playing time with ease and temerity.

Malevolent and nihilistic this may be, but it’s not without a bleakly emotive quality. The grim, blackened melodies that are deployed during the songs are suitably affecting and do their jobs well.

The vocals are abrasive and harsh; a little deeper than is the norm, they nonetheless have character and the vocalist gives a good performance throughout.

Vestigium Mortis is a quality hit of the blackest of black stuff. Check it out.

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