Lord of Confusion – Evil Mystery (Review)

Lord of Confusion - Evil MysteryThis is the debut album from Lord of Confusion, a Portuguese doom metal band.

Evil Mystery contains 45 minutes of psychedelic doom, replete with macabre keyboards and funereal dirges aplenty. This is one for fans of Electric Wizard, Dead Witches, and Windhand.

Lord of Confusion play slow and heavy, and the songs unfold at hypnotically miserable and gloomy paces. The music is shrouded in wreaths of smoke and darkness, as the band weave horror atmospheres with ritualistic intensity.

The band worship the glacial doom riff as they build and expand on their carefully-crafted doomscapes. Tripped out psychedelia and keyboard-rich moody presence are your frequent companions on this journey into the darkness. The keyboards/organs in particular deserve your attention, as more often than not they provide the real melodic and atmospheric hooks in the music, as the guitars slowly thunder with mournful heaviness.

The singer’s clean singing is strong and powerful, and her voice is a potent part of the songs. We also get some unexpected harsh vocals here and there.

Evil Mystery is a solid and enjoyable example of this particular brand of doom, and is heartily recommended for fans of the style.

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