Tomb Mold – Manor of Infinite Forms (Review)

Tomb MoldTomb Mold are a Canadian death metal band and this is their second album.

This is an interesting release. Ostensibly old-school death metal that reeks of the underground and has a filthy, ugly delivery, there’s also a firmly atypical and non-standard side to these songs which makes Manor of Infinite Forms definitely stand out from the pack.

Mixing elements of technical, dissonant, atmospheric, and experimental brutality into its mutated, twisted hide, Manor of Infinite Forms is a rabid, diseased brute of an album. In addition to all of the brutality that you would want, these other elements really make a huge difference to the quality and satisfaction levels that are to be found on this release.

Full of interesting and well-considered riffs, dynamic and thoughtful structures, and creatively aggressive songwriting, this album is a deathly delight to listen to. To the layman, most of this will undoubtedly be lost on them, so punishing is the band’s brutal onslaught. Get past this initial veneer of rotten corpses and distorted hatred, however, and you’ll find that while Tomb Mold share a lot in common with your average old-school death metal band, they also have a firm outsider streak to their material. Lots of the material on this album shares more in common with the more unusual, inventive, and individual side of death metal, (Demilich, Gorguts, Blood Incantation, etc.), than it does with the common hordes.

Obviously, this makes for an album that’s a cut above your usual death metal fare, and Manor of Infinite Forms is suitably named for something as individually-wrought as this.

The band also have a vocalist that sounds utterly evil. His cavernous, guttural growls are all-consuming and seem to swallow light. Very nice.

Manor of Infinite Forms is a gruesomely joyous exploration of malignant death metal and what it’s capable of when forced to uncontrollably mutate in new and varied ways.

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