Hivetower – Lunacy (Review)

HivetowerHivetower are a US metal band and this is their debut EP.

I like this, it has character. On the longer side for an EP, (31 minutes), Hivetower have produced the type of metal album that pilfers willingly from a few different scenes and styles, while still managing to have a personality of its own.

The essential ingredients of Hivetower’s sound can, I suppose, be summed up as metalcore, hardcore, nu-metal, alternative metal, djent, and groove metal. However, I was somewhat loathe to characterise this release in such a way, as I can easily imagine people dismissing it on those grounds as likely to be generic or uninspiring. The truth is, however, that although elements of those styles can easily be detected in Hivetower’s sound, the band mix and melt them together in such an effective way that the music on Lunacy belongs to itself first and foremost.

This is not to say that Lunacy is wildly innovative or unique, but it certainly stands out from the crowd these days. It reminds me of something that might have been released in the late 90s, when bands were taking the nu-metal blueprint and injecting all manner of different styles and influences into it and creating inventive and vibrant music that you could rock out to. Maybe I’m just showing my age, but Hivetower sort of embody this, at least in my view. They’ve taken an emotive, charismatic hardcore delivery, (think along the lines of Every Time I Die), fused it with a nu-metal base, and then thrown in a lot more contemporary elements, bringing them firmly into 2018. The result is an enjoyable and enthusiastic collection of songs that make me feel warm inside, even when they’re at their heaviest, (probably especially so).

Hivetower are playing a style of music that’s relatively rare in 2018, but with enough contemporary elements to ensure that, (hopefully), they will thrive and prosper.

Mix together aspects of bands such as Number One Son, Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid, Poison the Well, Downthesun, Mudvayne, and One Minute Silence and you’ll have an idea of what Hivetower sound like.

Yep, I very much like this. Check it out.

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