Hostile Array – Hostile Array (Review)

Hostile ArrayHostile Array are a post-hardcore band from the US and this is their debut album.

This album contains 32 minutes of crisp, punchy music. With good songs and a mature presence, this is an album that doesn’t outstay its welcome and makes a very favourable impression.

Despite how modern the band is in many respects, they have opted for a nicely warm and natural sound, rather than follow many of their peers into plastic sounding hyper-polished territories. More power to them for this.

Fusing hardcore-fuelled riffs with bright melodies and a passionate delivery, Hostile Array have a slightly rougher take on post-hardcore/metalcore than most, and I find it really quite endearing. Combining heaviness and harsh vocals with more accessible choruses and clean singing might not be a new thing anymore, (at all), but the fact is that Hostile Array do what they do very well. In fact, one of the things that I like about this band is their ability to do this with enthusiasm and lively delivery, while avoiding so much of the plastic performances and recordings that plague this kind of music a lot of the time.

I know I’ve mentioned that synthetic quality a couple of times now, (or its absence at least), but I think this is part of the reason why this album is a success in my eyes; this sounds like a band playing music they love and are passionate about, rather than simply being the latest shiny copy-and-paste product off the music industry conveyor belt.

Of course, the above would mean nothing if the band didn’t know how to write a good song, but thankfully there’s no real issue in this regard. Each of the songs on this album achieves what it sets out to quite easily and effectively, and this is a collection of songs that I can quite happily stick on and feel invigorated and energised by.

As I said at the start of this review – this album has made a very favourable impression on me. I heartily recommend that you give it a spin.

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