Down Among the Dead Men – …And You Will Obey Me (Review)

Down Among the Dead MenThis is the third album from Down Among the Dead Men, an international death metal/crust supergroup.

The two main members of this band have a wealth of experience between them. This includes, (but is not limited to), Echelon, Megascavenger, Paganizer, The Grotesquery, Those Who Bring the Torture, Just Before Dawn and Ursinne). Phew, that’s a lot of expertise.

The style of this album is one of death metal that’s been shortened and streamlined by crust’s energetic aggression. The tracks are relatively short and direct, relentlessly hammering the listener into submission with beefy riffs and the occasional dark melody.

The songs mix Swedish death metal with a form of crust/punk that wouldn’t seem out of place coming out of the UK. The end result is not a million miles away from a crusty Napalm Death, and is hideously enjoyable and satisfying.

There’s no filler here, and nothing is wasted or extraneous. This is music that’s been created out of a pure love for the style, and this comes through not only in the delivery and performances, but also in the sheer quality of the album.

Capped off by the formidable and always impressive growl of the ex-Bolt Thrower singer, this is an easily enjoyable album of heaviness and aggression.

Flawlessly delivered, with a boot to the head.

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