Paganizer – Land of Weeping Souls (Review)

PaganizerPaganizer are a Swedish death metal band and this is their tenth album.

Now here’s a band that are both prolific and consistently enjoyable. Swedish death metal is a distinct soft spot of mine, and Paganizer have more than proven over the years that they can deliver the goods.

Hot off the heels of last year’s storming EP On the Outskirts of Hades, Land of Weeping Souls is 35 minutes of stomping death metal that once more sees the band destroying everything in their path with ease.

From the very first song onward the band display why they are held in such high regard by so many aficionados of the style. The songs on Land of Weeping Souls are catchy and memorable, with lots of good riffs, deep growls, pounding drums, and intense attitude.

Paganizer have always had a curious quality to them that I can only describe as mechanistic. This is not meant as a disparagement; rather, the band operate with an efficient and clipped delivery, resulting in songs that are short, to the point, and with no wasted effort. The tracks show good riff selection and structuring, once more demonstrating a productive and economical application of industrious death metal. Everything here is optimised for maximum killing capacity.

For a band ten albums into their career, I like that they actually seem to be getting heavier and more extreme. Although their style is pretty consistent within the Swedish death metal framework, these songs certainly seem to generally be a bit more upbeat and nastier. Of course, there are still plenty of slower and mid-paced sections to get your teeth into; the band still know how provide a meaty feast in this regard.

Although this is classic Swedish death metal, Paganizer definitely have their own personality and stamp this all over their songs. They write extremely satisfying and enjoyable music, and Land of Weeping Souls is easy to get on board with, quickly nestling into your music collection like it has been there for years.

This is an always-reliable band that have returned to the fray with one of their best. Land of Weeping Souls is a land worth visiting as often as you can. Start now.

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