Nigredo – Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced (Review)

NigredoThis is the debut album from Nigredo, a black metal band from Greece.

Vicious and occult, Nigredo’s music is one of cutting edge blackened dissonance mixed with something more atavistic and primal.

Taking what it wants from the old-school with confidence and without remorse, the songs on this album incorporate these elements into their dissonant delivery. The avant-garde is just as much of an influence here as the second wave, albeit a typically more subtle one, and both aspects of Nigredo’s compelling music work with each other in an unholy fusion of blackened might.

Nigredo manage to walk this line quite well throughout the 42 minutes on offer here. There’s more than enough dissonance and avant-garde influences to allow the music to stray from traditional blackened templates, but there’s also a firm base of second wave black metal in place to prevent things from wandering off too far. The end result is an album of songs that offer visceral aggression wedded with occult, esoteric atmosphere.

The vocals are versatile and varied, displaying a variety of attacks and charismatic styles. Much like the rest of the music, it’s a high-quality performance all-round.

With plenty of savage riffs being thrown around as well as atonal melodies and grim, otherworldly moods, Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced is a violently textured and devastatingly rich listen.

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