Cut the Architect’s Hand – Thus Always to Tyrants (Review)

Cut the Architect's HandCut the Architect’s Hand are a Metal/Hardcore band from the US, this is their latest album.

Having enjoyed 2016’s We Dig No Graves, it’s now time for another furious blast of gritty aggression and angular riffage.

Thus Always to Tyrants mixes thrash metal with metallic hardcore, resulting in 35 minutes of underground nastiness and jagged intensity. This is a band that I always think should be more polished than they are; I’m always surprised at how dirty and raw they actually sound, and I’m always glad that they are.

As I’ve said previously, Cut the Architect’s Hand remind me of some of the Trustkill bands that came out 15-20 years ago, and I still think they would have fit into this era here perfectly. If you think of a combination of bands like Botch, Converge, and Torn Apart, and then mix in a bit of Testament, you’ll have an idea of where Cut the Architect’s Hand are coming from.

Thus Always to Tyrants continues to see Cut the Architect’s Hand nurture their creative streak, even if it’s delivered through the aural equivalent of getting your face sanded off.

Unpolished and unfriendly.

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