Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma (Review)

Mournful CongregationMournful Congregation are an Australian funeral doom band and this is their sixth album.

I like music that’s bleakly heavy, crushingly slow, and agonisingly despondent. Therefore, I like Mournful Congregation.

It seems like an age since the band’s last foray into despair that was Concrescence of the Sophia, but now they’ve finally appeared from the shadows once again to bless us with more of their monolithic funeral dirges.

On their latest release these veteran doomsters offer us 80 minutes of weighty riffs, melancholy moods, and cavernous growls. Each of these songs is a masterclass of drawn-out misery and an exploration of despair and loss. At this point in their career the band have got their songwriting honed to a fine edge, and the music on The Incubus of Karma offers everything any funeral doom fan could want, and possibly even more.

Mournful Congregation have a real talent for this style of music and draw the listen into their world with seductive ease. The lead-rich music is powerfully wrought from the ashes of misery, rising up and out into the world with unhurried confidence and glacial inevitability.

The singer’s voice is on top form, and his performance here is probably better than ever. As well as inhuman growls he demonstrates an ample range of monstrous vocalisations that scar the music like deep furrows in the earth.

The album’s production is warm, deep, and rich, full of texture and nuance. It’s used by the band to effectively capture every last drop of emotive power they unleash, allowing the music to be shown off to its full strength without hindrance.

25 years into their career, and Mournful Congregation are still crafting funeral doom classics like this. Essential for any fan of slow, crushing extreme doom.

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