Primal Rite – Dirge of Escapism (Review)

Primal RitePrimal Rite are a hardcore/crossover band from the US and this is their debut album.

I very much enjoyed Primal Rite’s Sensory Link to Pain EP from last year, (the title track of which appears on this album), and now we have their first full length upon us.

Heavy and brutish, Dirge of Escapism is 34 minutes of hardcore, metal, thrash, and punk all mashed together into harsh pummeling tracks.

With crunching riffs and squealing guitar solos, Primal Rite execute their metallic hardcore with expertise and fiery passion. Taking the best from hardcore thuggery, aggressive thrash, and energetic punk, the music on Dirge of Escapism avoids almost all of the pitfalls that this kind of music can frequently fall victim of, and instead embraces its inherent strengths.

For all the naked belligerence of their music, Primal Rite are a band that have successfully managed to channel old-school hardcore into their music, while ditching all of the cliché tough-guy posturing. This is not only down to the well-constructed music itself, but also their powerful frontwoman. The band’s singer is focused and deadly, smashing and tearing through the material with energy and raw intensity. Her voice is a blunt instrument, but one that’s clearly wielded by a keen, thoughtful mind.

Dirge of Escapism is raw and steeped in the sweaty, violent underground. If you’re looking for something with a pristine production that’s safe and sterile, then move along now. This is a band that embody the harsh realities of life, and they do this very well indeed.

When you’re in the mood for heavy, thundering hardcore metal, but don’t want to be swamped in testosterone-fuelled posing, then Primal Rite are for you.

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