Horror God/Techne – Split (Review)

Horror God TechneHorror God and Techne are both Russian death metal bands and this is their split release.

Horror God offer up four songs lasting 19 minutes in total; three originals and a Purulence cover.

This is a band that favour a brutal approach that sees them taking dissonant and technical influences into their muscular attack. These songs are complex and layered with various forms of aural extremity. Think a mix of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, and Death, and you’ll be in the right area.

Syncopated, atypical riffs and spiky bass guitar add a lot to the songs, while pieces of fractured melody spark out from the music here and there, before being crushed by the weight of the band’s own assault. This is music that bristles with gargantuan riffs, wandering bass, and wayward beats.

As the music is ploughing its own path through hordes of pedestrians, the singer’s ragged and barbaric deathgrowls sound like they’re eating people by the tenfold.

Horror God are quite monstrous, which is probably why they’re so enjoyable.

Techne also contribute four tracks to this release, with a total duration of 23 minutes.

Techne are a different proposition to Horror God. This is a band that favour a complex, technical approach to their songs, but one aimed at providing atmospheric and engaging music.

These tracks feel somehow both old-school and modern, combining a kind of early 90s experimental death metal streak with a more contemporary non-death metal approach, maybe something along the lines of older Mastodon, mixed with some more avant-garde influences. Keyboards/extra sounds add a further dimension to their music too, as well some clean singing, which is used sparingly.

The delivery is all wrapped up in a technical death metal approach that Cynic or Atheist would be proud of, and each of these tracks is very enjoyable. There’s some inspired songwriting here, and these songs really are quite accomplished.

Apparently Techne have now called it a day, which, based on the evidence here, is a massive shame.

A quality death metal split from two quite different bands. Enjoy.

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