Druids – Spirit Compass (Review)

DruidsThis is the latest EP from US stoner metal band Druids.

After Druids’ very enjoyable 2016 album Cycles of Mobeum, they have now returned with this latest EP, featuring 21 minutes of new material.

Spirit Compass sees the band stripping back and refining their sound, going for a more focused delivery than that of Cycles of Mobeum. The songs are well-written and have a confident air about them.

The band have emphasised their more contemporary metal side on this EP, although there’s certainly enough classic metal influences here as well. With some tasty psychedelic desert rock moments sprinkled around, I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to describe this EP as a mix of Mastodon, Red Fang, Baroness, and Karma to Burn.

The singer’s voice seems to have improved too. Now with a wider range and a more dynamic performance, he helps bring these largely energetic songs to life with his delivery.

A very enjoyable and personable EP. Make sure you check this out and get your heavy rawk fix.

Favourite Track: Desert Rites. Emotively compelling.

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