Concealed Reality – Synapses (Review)

Concealed RealityConcealed Reality are a Belgian metalcore band and this is their latest EP.

I like a bit of modern heavy music when it’s suitably aggressive, but also when it has sufficient depth. Concealed Reality play metalcore influenced by the early 00s sound, only updated with a contemporary delivery and with some other musical enhancements.

The latter consist of a decent helping of djent, a side order of technical/atmospheric metal, and some sprinklings of nu-metal and deathcore. These elements all work together nicely across this 17-minute EP to add variety and depth to the songs.

I like the subtle atmospherics that tend to mostly lurk in the background of the music. In some ways you can hardly notice them as the band tear through their songs, but on the other hand they add an important layer that would diminish the music were they absent.

The riffs are heavy and solid, merging the metalcore, djent, and technical metal influences well, so that nothing sounds too generic or tired, which is usually where bands of this ilk can fall down. The guitars are certainly above-average for something like this, and we even get some guitar solos, which is always nice.

The deathcore and nu-metal influences are felt here and there in the guitars, but even more so in places with the vocals; these are primarily performed as variations of shouting, but deathgrowls, screams, spoken word, semi-cleans, and other styles are all included at appropriate points. I like the singer’s voice and he sure knows what he’s doing.

Synapses is a strong and enjoyable EP. It’s rare to hear a modern band taking so many styles, (that are easily played in a sub-standard way), and combining them into effective and satisfying music that manages to sound fresh and enjoyable. Although Concealed Reality still definitely have room to grow, and I’m sure they won’t convert anyone who’s allergic to modern heaviness, I’m nicely impressed and surprised by the quality of this EP. Ones to watch for sure.

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