Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri/Alpha Cat – The Definitive 7″ Trilogy! – Split – (Review)

Karma to Burn Sons of Alpha Centauri Alpha CatThis is a split between two instrumental stoner rock bands, Karma to Burn, from the US, and Sons of Alpha Centauri, from the UK. If this wasn’t enough, the two bands have also colluded on a project called Alpha Cat, which is also included on this release.

This collection brings together the bands’ existing splits into one place. Here, each band contribute three tracks, with the entire split coming in at around 43 minutes.

Karma to Burn are well-versed at producing affecting and engaging instrumental rock, and the three tracks on this release are no exception. Catchy and memorable, as well as being strongly written, these songs evoke images of dusty deserts and barren landscapes, where the only sustenance you have is the band’s captivating rock. It’s enough to survive on.

Favourite track: Fifty Five, with its atmospheric keyboard-enhanced middle section, which brings a further dimension to Karma to Burn’s sound.

Sons of Alpha Centauri are a band I haven’t heard before, but the three tracks here are all very enjoyable. Existing in a similar realm to Karma to Burn, there’s a more spacious and somewhat cosmic vibe to their music. They have good groove, good riffs, and good mood. Yep, I’ll definitely be listening to this again in the future.

Favourite track: 71. Thundering and immersive.

As you might expect, Alpha Cat’s songs are somewhat of a synthesis between the two, only with a more whimsical, carefree feeling in some ways.

Favourite track: Last Days of Summer. Five minutes of rocked out bliss. Also; cowbell, however brief.

With what’s essentially an hour of enjoyable and relatively varied instrumental stoner rock material, get this one if you can.

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