Druids – Monument (Review)

Druids - MonumentThis is the latest album from US stoner metal band Druids.

After enjoying 2016’s Cycles of Mobeum and 2017’s Spirit Compass, I’m glad to be able to catch up with Druids once more.

2019 finds Druids in fine form, and their new release contains 28 minutes of the good stuff. Mixing stoner, classic, progressive, psychedelic, and sludge metal/rock together into songs that demonstrate an ever-improving songwriting skill, Monument is probably Druids’ best work so far.

The music has a great mix of opposing forces at work that complement rather than clash; energy and contemplation, heaviness and melody, nuance and simplicity, to name a few. Each of the songs has its own personality and charisma, and any one of the five tracks here has a lot to offer in its own right. You could almost pick any of the songs as a favourite, although I feel special mention should go to the longest track Mirrors of Trigon, which really is something special from the band. Saying that though, the entire release is pretty damn special.

I’ve mentioned in the past bands such as Mastodon, Red Fang, Baroness, and Karma to Burn, and I’d quite happily recommend Druids for any fan of these, (or similar), bands.

Hopefully Monument should garner some much-deserved attention for Druids, as at this point the band are still criminally underrated in my humble opinion.

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