Gürschach – Dark Matter (Review)

GürschachGürschach are a metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

So what do Gürschach sound like? I suppose if you take a base of classic heavy metal, while mixing in elements of modern, alternative, thrash, and progressive metal, you’ll have a good place to start from.

This is a lengthy and involved release. The band’s ten songs are all on the relatively long side, with the entire album clocking in at 70 minutes or so. It’s worth the apparent effort though, as the band have an ambitious vision for their music, and have the talent and songwriting skills to back it up.

The songs have a lot of different influences. In addition to the obvious ones mentioned above, there’s also aspects of jazz, technical metal, hardcore, and sludge in their sound. The band use these additional elements wisely, sprinkling them around the album in natural and unforced ways, allowing the songs to develop as they see fit. Creative control is kept an eye on, however, as these are not directionless entities, merely ones that are allowed to roam widely.

This really is a well-written album. It’s also very professionally recorded, with all of the instruments sounding as clear and strong as a punch to the face. I can really feel those bass strings flying around.

The singer has an impressive and charismatic voice. His performance is pretty much just as diverse and well-rounded as the music, and he has a real flair for this kind of thing.

Bits of this release remind me of various parts of nu-metal bands from the late 90s/early 00s, everything from American Headcharge, to Breed 77, to Ultraspank, to Downthesun, to Mudvayne, and many others. Other parts remind me of the kind of involved, intricate delivery that Biomechanical specialised in and did so well. Combine all of this with a classic thrash/heavy metal sensibility, an air of experimental flair, and an ear for a good tune, and you’ll have Dark Matter.

With plenty of interesting ideas and atypical delivery, combined with memorable songs and more than enough vocal hooks, Dark Matter is a very enjoyable listen.

Highly recommended.

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