Sifting – Not from Here (Review)

SiftingSifting are a progressive metal band from the Venezuela and based in the US. This is their debut album.

Combining modern groove and classic rock with progressive flavour, this is an enjoyable album that manages to stitch together several different rock and metal eras and styles, and is largely quite successful at doing so.

The album is an interesting and enjoyable mix of old and new. Classic rock and metal rub shoulders with some distinctly modern groove metal riffs. Then, all of a sudden, we’re in almost power metal territories, before going off on an exploratory, progressive tangent. Also; ballads. If I’m making it sound disjointed or incoherent, be assured that it isn’t; the songs sound natural and unforced, flowing from one bit to the next easily and freely, and frequently incorporating the various styles together at the same time.

The songs are well-written and show a good grasp of rock and metal composition. The album is catchy and memorable, while still having a lot of depth and substance included. It’s not perfect, but hits more than it misses. Throw in some very nice riffs, plenty of decent solos, and a singer that can belt out a good chorus, and you have a very enjoyable listen.

Think of a mix of Threshold, Avenged Sevenfold, A Breach of Silence, and Between the Buried and Me, (in places), and you’ll be in the right area.

With a punchy, well-rounded production, the album has a lot to recommend itself. Even with several catchy moments and plenty of hooks, the album is definitely a grower and I enjoyed this the more I listened to it.

If you’re after a modern progressive rock/metal album, but without sounding too modern, then this is for you. Or, I suppose, you could easily switch that around; this will also appeal to fans of older, classic rock/metal, but with a modern, progressive twist. Either way, it’s very good and very enjoyable. Check it out.

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