Aborted – Bathos (Review)

AbortedAborted are a death metal band from Belgium and this is their latest EP.

Full disclosure – Aborted are one of my favourite death metal bands. So there’s that.

Bathos is a short stopgap release between last year’s storming Retrogore and whatever they do next for their tenth full length release. Clocking in at just over eight minutes long, these two tracks are definitely all killer, no filler, (as the cool kids say).

Aborted’s brand of brutal death metal is fully replete with groove, catchy hooks, and dark melodies. The first track Bathos is the more melodic/atmospheric of the two, (although it should obviously be understood what this means in the context of savage death metal), merging its heavy assault with macabre melodies and enticing leads.

The second song, and slightly shorter of the two, is Fallacious Crescendo, and this one just goes straight for the jugular. There’s very little atmosphere and very little melody; this track is all about the brutality and sheer bloody carnage. Love it.

The band’s singer continues to display what is, for me, one of the finest death metal voices in the business. Deep growls and harsh screaming shouts are full of both aggression and character, driving the songs along as they tear through the playing time.

A very strong offering from a very strong band designed to fill a gap between releases. I quite enjoy short EPs like this, and when it’s a band like Aborted delivering the goods, all the better. Bring on album number ten.

A must listen for any death metal fan.

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