Nesseria – Cette Érosion de nous Mêmes (Review)

NesseriaThis is third album from French metallic hardcore band Nesseria.

Having unleashed something as heavy and violent as 2014’s Fractures, Nesseria have now returned to inflict their latest ode to sonic violence Cette Érosion de nous Mêmes; 38 minutes of intensity and aggression.

The band continue to add in liberal doses of blackened fury and grinding mayhem to their sound, resulting in a collection of songs that can strip skin at 100 paces. However, Nesseria have progressed their sound on from their earlier work, and this latest release sees them refining their style and exploring musical horizons that were only hinted at previously.

Although the band have incorporated other, more nuanced elements into their sound in the past, this has usually been relatively subtly done. This latest release, however, is the first one where these elements have been brought further into the foreground, showing off the band’s increased confidence in their own delivery and in what they can do. Essentially, there’s an added atmospheric and emotive side to the band’s sound, and I can safely say that it suites them well.

I very much like that the band’s inherent fury and anger has been augmented by this more emotive delivery. The album is still a furious whirlwind of destruction in many ways, much like their earlier work, but they now also channel their aggression into more textured and shaded atmospheres too, resulting in what’s probably their best work to date.

Don’t let this pass you by.

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