Eye Sea Black – Stigma (Review)

Eye Sea BlackEye Sea Black are an Italian metal band and this is their debut EP.

Specialising in its own brand of stylish and sharp aggression, Stigma is almost 20 minutes of modern extreme metal that hits the spot quite nicely.

The music the band play is a mix of the modern versions of metal, death metal, thrash metal, and hardcore, all wrapped together into five lethal songs.

The guitars shred and crush, while the singer’s caustic vocals scream and rip their way through the music. The singer’s style is classically brutal, with a slight thrash edge to her delivery. Her performance is first-rate and her focused screams lead the way for the rest of the band’s streamlined ferocity.

There’s a hardcore energy to this music that’s quite infectious. This is aided by a death metal influence that sees the band utilise a decent amount of dark, dissonant riffing which adds increased depth and esoteric appeal to their music. Throw in a bit of groove/thrash/melodic death metal too, and you’ve got a cutting edge mix of styles that makes for a compelling and engaging listen.

It should be noted that the above description sits almost entirely on the new-school, modern end of the spectrum. Combined with a professional production that allows the band to flex their musical muscles quite nicely, Stigma is a well-rounded and well-delivered release. Although the music is thoroughly new-school, it thankfully lacks that sterile, overproduced, plastic feeling that a lot of the more modern varieties of metal can have. Also, there’s not a hint of djent in sight.

This is a very impressive first release that should hopefully garner the band many new fans. Let’s hope we hear more from Eye Sea Black in the future, as Stigma is a great starting point for them.

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