Ty – The Golden Soul and the Hunger Feelings (Review)

TyTy are an atmospheric/post-black metal band from Venezuela and this is their debut album.

It was the album cover that drew me to this release, and I’m glad it did. This is obscure, underground black metal that focuses on atmosphere and mood rather than aggression or blackened hatred.

The album is filled with many short interludes that break up the main tracks like small slices of atmospheric interference. Although I initially thought that this might disrupt the flow of the album, once I settled into it I discovered it had a flow and rhythm all of its own.

The songs themselves mix the atmospheric side of black metal with post-black metal, some folk elements, some post-rock influences, some aspects of the depressive style, as well as some shoegaze. The band take the core black metal style and merge these other influences largely quite seamlessly into the music, making for songs that are layered with grief and sorrow, but delivered in a multifaceted and quite engaging way.

The songs are rich and highly emotive, with keyboards and clean vocals both being used well to form the songs, alongside the more metallic influences. Gruffer vocals and harsh screams are also used and these are performed well too.

The Golden Soul and the Hunger Feelings is an enjoyable album that is rich, textured, layered, and emotive. Eschewing black metal’s more obvious trappings, Ty take a more nuanced and shaded route with their music, presenting the listener with reflective soundscapes and introspective atmospheres.

Highly recommended.

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