Falaise – My Endless Immensity (Review)

FalaiseThis is the second album from Falaise, a black metal band from Italy.

A very much enjoyed the band’s debut album As Time Goes By, which was an hour of enjoyable blackgaze melancholy, with dark atmosphere and depressive moods.

My Endless Immensity continues where As Time Goes By left off, proceeding to further explore the atmospheric and post-black metal territories that the band inhabit. Also developed on this newest release, however, are Falaise’s post-rock and shoegaze elements, which add a nice minor progression to the band’s sound when comparing the two releases.

The album is an evocative and emotive journey though post-black metal, steeped in rich atmosphere and rendered in depressive and wistful feelings.

The static-like high-pitched screams are the perfect type of vocal for this hyper-atmospheric music, and it’s a combination that I always enjoy with this kind of style.

The songs are bleakly melodic and effectively shaded with all manner of blackened riffs, melodies, and leads. Additionally, they also occasionally make good use of bright, effervescent melodies that accompany the darker rhythm guitars, although it should be noted that this is never done in an over-the-top or excessive way. Rather, these veiled moments simply add to the overall feelings of melancholic grandeur that are fostered throughout the recording.

One of the things I like about Falaise is how they still manage to keep an aggressive black metal aspect in their sound, resisting the urge to go fully over into more introspective and shoegaze territories. This allows that band to explore the post- side of their music, while still maintaining the blackened bite that makes this kind of delivery so satisfyingly rich.

My Endless Immensity is a strong step in the right direction in the continued development of this enjoyable group.

A highly recommended listen.

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