Verthebral – Regeneration (Review)

VerthebralVerthebral are a death metal band from Paraguay and this is their debut album.

Verthebral play 90s-styled death metal with an infectious assault and honest passion.

Although they haven’t been around that long, Verthebral certainly manage to show that they know how to write some killer death metal tunes on Regeneration. With song-based fury and youthful vigour, the band tear into the material with glee, producing almost 44 minutes of classic death metal.

The music is brutal and has a timeless feel to it, despite its clear influences, and the solid recording merely adds weight to the substance of the songs.

The tracks scream and roar out of the speakers with an undeniable primal aggression. Regeneration is the type of album that you tended to hear quite a bit back in the 90s, yet today, not so much. Not as authentically well-done as this is, at any rate.

The singer has a very satisfying voice, combining growls and screams easily into his delivery. Like the rest of the band he sounds as if he has a real hunger for this type of music, and this translates into his performance.

Regeneration is an album of very enjoyable death metal. A recommended listen for any fan of the style.

2 thoughts on “Verthebral – Regeneration (Review)

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