Edguy – Monuments (Review)

EdguyEdguy are a long-running power/heavy metal band from Germany and this is a 25-year anniversary compilation album, (plus some other things).

Edguy are one of those bands that, for some reason, I’ve never actually heard before this release, despite being aware of them pretty much since they released their first album in 1995. I don’t normally review, (or listen to), compilation or greatest hits-style albums, but in this case it seemed the perfect occasion to get to know this well-respected band.

The full package of this release comes with a DVD, but this review concentrates purely on the audio side of the release – 28 tracks, two and a half hours of metal. Hell yeah! It’s a lot to take in one sitting of course, but bloody Hell I can’t help but like this kind of thing. Yep, it’s definitely a shame I haven’t caught up with Edguy before this.

Not content with merely releasing a greatest hits package, this album also contains new material in the form of five new songs, as well as an unreleased rarity at the end of the long collection of tracks. This should hopefully be enough to entice both new fans and old to pick up this release.

I’m already familiar with the singer’s impressive voice from his work in Avantasia, so to hear him with Edguy helps their music sound more familiar to me than it actually is. That and the fact that the music they play is so personable and endearing that after a couple of spins I feel like I’ve known the band for years.

The songs are largely a combination of heavy metal and power metal, with elements of melodic rock, symphonic metal, and progressive metal mixed in here and there. Everything is well-written, catchy, memorable, and is extremely listenable. With so many anthemic choruses and hummable melodies across the playing time, it’s an hugely enjoyable listen and a formidable collection of tracks.

Apart from introducing me to a fantastic band that I’ve been missing out on, one of the biggest things this release has done for me is imbue me with a massive urge to see Edguy live. I can only imagine how much fun they’d be. For now though, I have a new colossal collection of metal to listen to and absorb over and over again.

This is a high quality and very highly recommended release, whether you’re familiar with the band already or not.

4 thoughts on “Edguy – Monuments (Review)”

    1. I just ordered the 4lp version of this. Not much out there from other bloggers about this band.
      As you say, I also would like to see Edguy live. It’s been 9 yrs since they came to Canada. Hopefully 2018 will be the year they come back.

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