Induction – Born from Fire (Review)

Induction - Born from FireInduction are an international power metal band and this is their second album.

Born from Fire provides the listener with 58 minutes of symphonic power metal to get their teeth into. Like the album cover, it seems Induction are on fire.

Born from Fire is a journey into epic power metal that’s ripe with symphonic depth and laced with progressive flourishes. The album is focused on delivering songs that are memorable and offer plenty of hooks, be that a soaring chorus, a crunchy riff, or a stirring melody. Induction deliver atmosphere and power with skill and passion, and if you’re a fan of power metal then this is easy to get on board with.

The melodies and solos flow frequently and potently. The band know their technical art, that’s for sure, but this is channelled into the service of the songs, not ego. Induction have a clear vision for their music, and it is to create songs that stick in the head and will surely be rousing crowd-pleasers in the live environment.

As I frequently say, for bands like this they live or die by the quality of their singer, and Induction have no issues in this department. The band’s vocalist has a strong, powerful, and emotive voice, and he uses his breadth of range well. His performance is full of feeling and I can’t fault it. Despite his obvious strengths, I’m also pleased to say that the rest of the band don’t hide behind his voice, and give their all to their instruments. There’s some real metal in this power metal cocktail, and Induction have plenty of meaty riffs and drumming to back up the catchy vocals and bright symphonic layers.

Born from Fire has impressed. It’s a strong example of how to play and produce symphonic power metal, with character, depth, and damn good songs. In a genre full of mediocre acts, Induction have stood out remarkably.

Fans of Edguy, Blind Guardian, and Freedom Call take note.

Very highly recommended.


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