Expulsion – Nightmare Future (Review)

ExpulsionExpulsion are a US grindcore band and this is their debut release.

Consisting of members of bands such as Exhumed and Repulsion, (presumably where the name Expulsion came from?), as well as Gruesome, Intronaut, Phobia, and Lightning Swords of Death, it’s safe to say that there’s a wealth of experience that’s gone into this release.

And what does this collective experience get us? Well, we get an extremely tasty 14 minutes of old-school grindcore, the likes of which takes the listener back many decades to when grind was first birthed in ugly fits of thrashing pain from the shredded corpses of death metal and punk.

Expulsion waste no time getting down to business with their unforgiving and harsh brand of grinding terror. Fast, furious, and full of gritty intensity, these songs are short and enjoyable slices of nasty grind that include elements of thrash metal, death metal, punk, and crust in their directed assault.

For all of their ugliness, the songs are not without touches of melody or finesse though as they go about their grisly work. The tracks make good use of guitar solos too, adding visceral colour to the music’s blurred aggression.

Nightmare Future has an authentic old-school sound in more ways than one, including a raw-yet-substantial production that sees the band benefit from the type of recording that a release like this needs.

Fast, brutal, raging, and surprisingly infectious, this is a band that were never going to produce a dud, yet there was no guarantee it was going to be as good as this actually is.

Old-school grindheads rejoice!

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