Battle Born – Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel (Review)

Battle Born - Blood, Fire, Magic and SteelThis is the debut album from UK power metallers Battle Born.

Following on from their 2020 self-titled debut EP, Battle Born have returned to bring TRVE METAL back into our hearts. Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel brings us 45 minutes of the stuff, and it is glorious.

Battle Born’s music is the sort of rousing, epic, energetic power metal that is simply fun to listen to. Packed with joyous hooks and stirring anthemic vocals, Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel should be an instant hit with fans of the style. Do you like bands such as Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Freedom Call, Edguy, Twilight Force, Gamma Ray, Fellowship, etc.? If you do, then you should definitely check out Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel.

The songs are well-written and the band understand what makes this sort of music tick. If you’re familiar with the European strains of power metal and the groups mentioned above, especially those which enjoy a good symphonic enrichment, then you’ll have a good idea of Battle Born’s sound, but within this the band’s personality is their own.

There’s a video games influence that’s undeniable, yet not distracting. The use of synths/orchestration is well-judged, and the singer’s voice is strong. Battle Born have assembled a good package, and there’s little to dislike here unless you’re allergic to the style.

Battle Born offer the jaded listener a fresh adventure to embark upon. Playing classic heavy and power metal with contemporary skill and flair, Battle Born’s debut album is effortlessly enjoyable.

Highly recommended for all fans of huge dragons and grandiose metal.


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