Marasmus – Necrotic Overlord (Review)

Marasmus - Necrotic OverlordMarasmus are a death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Featuring a member of Unmerciful, Marasmus play brutal death metal and spend 39 minutes furiously battering the listener with waves of blasting aggression and torrents of hatred.

The album blends together Suffocation’s technical heaviness, with the unrelenting controlled chaos of Origin, the bone-crunching riff-driven assault of Deicide, and the evil macabre intensity of Yattering. The end result is a raging collection of songs that utterly destroy.

The songs are dark and unhealthy, written with the primary goal of demolishing the listener. Although the band’s love of brutality and barbarity is gratuitously apparent, they spice up their assault with a few other elements here and there; a slice of melody, a section of gruesome atmosphere, a creepy intro, a stray exploratory bass line, a thick sickening riff that seems torn straight out of the underworld…for what is essentially a brutal death metal album, there’s a nice amount of variety within the band’s adopted framework to hold the listener’s attention throughout.

All of the instruments do what you’d want them to – and the singer’s growl is completely inhuman – but I particularly like the drumming on this album. The drums have an earthy, organic sound, and they’re played by a monster who can not only deal relentless punishment, but can also give a subtler, more nuanced performance when the demand is there for it.

Marasmus have a flair for death metal, that’s for sure, and all of the tracks on Necrotic Overlord impress.

Highly recommended.

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