Bludgeon – Devoted to Lunacy (Review)

Bludgeon - Devoted to LunacyThis is the debut album from UK death metallers Bludgeon.

In some ways this album is a textbook example of what-you-see-is-what-you-get – the album cover just screams brutal death metal ripped from the underground in huge great bloody chunks. In other ways, however, this does Bludgeon a disservice, as this release is surprisingly technical and involved, and the band’s individual personality shines through the gore with an unexpected brightness.

Also, it’s really damn good.

The best word to describe this is brutal. Devoted to Lunacy is utterly, and completely, devastatingly brutal. The songs demolish their surroundings with extreme prejudice, blasting and smashing their way through the album’s playing time with absorbing brutality.

There’s a barely-controlled chaos here that fuels the band’s brutality with no small amount of vibrant energy. The music is so fast, intense, and filled with mayhem that it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on. Multiple listens for this album is a must.

Bludgeon don’t seem to have a singer. No, instead they seem to have dredged up some form of horrific pig-daemon from the depths of the underworld, chained it up, and forced it to vomit disgusting filth over the songs in brutally inventive ways. It works wonderfully.

The drumming is equally inhuman, monstrous even. And then of course I realised that this is pretty much the case as they’re programmed drums. Either way, it’s an impressive near-constant beating that is unleashed, one that does its job extremely well.

Apart from the pointless intro, two tracks stand out as different from the rest – Malefic Volition and Tenebris Aeternum. The former an acoustic interlude, and the latter a highly-atmospheric orchestral/percussive piece. Both work well as calm, sedate moments amidst the storm of blast beats and insane guitars.

This is a car crash collision, (in a good way), of bands such as Origin, Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Skinless, and Spawn of Possession, and Bludgeon have produced an album that’s not for the uninitiated. If you’re a hardened fan of the most brutal of death metal, however, it’s hard not to recommend this, as the quality levels are through the roof for something as unhinged and, yes, BRUTAL, as this.

Check it out.

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