Cranely Gardens – House of Decay (Review)

Cranely GardensThis is the latest EP from Cranely Gardens, a deathcore band from the US.

Heavy and aggressive, this is modern deathcore with some metalcore and djent influences thrown in for good measure.

If you combine elements of Darkest Hour, Thy Art Is Murder, Aborted, Whitechapel, Martyr Defiled, and Unearth, you’ll have an idea of the kind of noise that Cranely Gardens unleash. It’s heavy, brutal, and almost guaranteed to rip up your local pit.

This isn’t a one-dimensional affair though, and the band wear a few different faces throughout this 27 minute release, (it may be pegged as an EP, but there are albums shorter than this). It’s all delivered within the stylistic constraints of their chosen style, of course, but there’s still enough variety of pace and delivery here to keep fans of modern heavy music happy.

The songs are well-written and enjoyable slabs of brutality. There’s a good mix of huge grooves, crushing blasts, and a sprinkling of melody. There’s quite a few different influences at play here, if you’re a connoisseur of heavy music, and the band have a talent it seems for bringing them together effectively.

I can hear various different styles in their sound from the last 15-20 years of metalcore/hardcore/etc., some of which are definitely less common elements, not often found in today’s crop of modern bands.

How well you take to House of Decay will ultimately depend on your tolerance levels for this style of modern heaviness. However, I feel that there’s enough elements of hardcore, metalcore, and NWOAHM to make this EP more interesting than your average deathcore release, and the band have clearly shown that they know how to handle the material here.

Although they’ve already managed to differentiate themselves from many of their peers to a certain degree, with a few small tweaks and a further development of their own individual style, I think that Cranely Gardens could potentially become a force to be reckoned with in deathcore/metalcore circles. Until then, House of Decay is still a very strong release, and one that should hopefully do plenty to raise their profile.

A very recommended listen for fans of modern heaviness.

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