Infected Dead – Archaic Malevolence (Review)

Infected DeadInfected Dead are a death metal band from the UK and this is their debut EP.

On the long side for an EP, this is almost 28 minutes of ferocious, modern death metal.

After the usual rather pointless intro, we’re straight into the action, with the band revealing themselves to be a modern blending of brutal and melodic death metal.

Infected Dead clearly have a love of death metal. As well as the obvious newer reference points, they take influence from some of the older names in the genre too, but mix, mutate, and warp this into their own modern vision for what death metal should sound like in the present day. If you take the cutting edge brutality of Aborted and mix it with the streamlined jagged melodic edge of The Black Dahlia Murder, you’ll have a good idea of where Infected Dead are coming from.

This is death metal that rages and blisters, but still retains enough control to systematically destroy. There are some decent riffs on this release, with good grooves being thrown out here and there. Speed is used at the band’s leisure, and they ably demonstrate that they are capable of blasting with the best of them.

With more than enough melodies and solos to add colour to the songs, this is a strong collection of tracks that’s for sure.

Mixing deep and high vocals with ease, the band’s singer sounds either monstrous or dangerously serrated. He does his job well and with obvious passion.

With a production that’s solid, but not overly polished, Archaic Malevolence is a release that shows a band with a lot of promise. With a few songwriting tweaks here and there, and a little more of their own personalities injected into their fiery brand of death metal, we could be on to a winner here in the future.

Check this out.

Favourite track: Forced Existence. Absolutely killer.

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