The Walking Dead Orchestra – Resurrect

The Walking Dead OrchestraThe Walking Dead Orchestra are a French death metal band and this is their second album.

Savagery, thy name is The Walking Dead Orchestra. Okay, so it doesn’t quite just fall off the tongue, but you get the idea.

This is modern death metal mixed with equally modern deathcore, all brutal riffs, blistering extremity, and huge grooves. It’s a good mix of bands like Aborted and Thy Art Is Murder, and Resurrect is an unrelenting 38 minutes or so of barbaric, pit-friendly mayhem.

These songs have all of the requisite parts that you’d want from both modern death metal and deathcore. In fact, the band do well to avoid some of the more done-to-death aspects of the latter, replacing them with stronger elements of the former. For example; there are plenty of places across the songs where the band could have launched into a huge, probably-generic, breakdown, but instead, usually opt for a more death metal approach to brutality, or even offer up a pinch of melody with their bloodshed.

The vocals combine ferocious growls with snarling, shouted, screams. The singer, much like the rest of the band, knows his stuff, and has a well-developed voice.

The production is as strong, beefy, and as powerful as you’d want for a band like this, and this collection of songs crushes with its sonic muscles.

Resurrect is a raging concoction of bristling riffs, relentless blast beats, and heavy aggression. Yep, I quite enjoyed this one. Check it out.

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