Unseen Faith – Waver (Review)

Unseen FaithUnseen Faith are a deathcore band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

This is deathcore that’s brutal and dark, but not without melodic or atmospheric elements that help save the band from one-dimensional obscurity. Continue reading “Unseen Faith – Waver (Review)”

So This Is Suffering – Palace of the Pessimist (Review)

So This Is SufferingSo This Is Suffering are a technical death metal/deathcore band from the US. This is their fourth album.

Palace of the Pessimist has a nicely heavy sound. So much so that you might be concerned about coming away from the album a lot flatter, a lot more squashed than you once were, so weighty is the band’s serrated assault. Oh, and you’ll be bleeding too. Continue reading “So This Is Suffering – Palace of the Pessimist (Review)”