Funeral for the Masses – Pitch Black (Review)

Funeral for the MassesFuneral for the Masses are a Finnish deathcore band and this is their debut EP.

Full of heavy riffs and sick breakdowns, the music is actually relatively old-school as far as deathcore goes, although they still have a modern delivery mixed in.

The songs are brutal and barbaric, mixing thick, chunky riffs with some faster ones that allow for a bit of dynamics. Huge riffs assault the listener throughout, but the band avoid overusing them most of the time by mixing it up with different paces and speeds. Some djent-isms appear here and there, but for the most part this is deathly brutal.

Leads are added on top of the heavy rhythms for a juxtaposition that allows the songs a little more depth than they would otherwise have. I really like this aspect of the band, and I’d like to see them develop this side a little more, as it will allow them to differentiate themselves from the deathcore masses a bit more too.

The vocals are deep growls in the style that you’d expect, nicely guttural and dark. These are backed up with high pitched screams that run like nails down a chalkboard.

Mixing bits of Molotov Solution, All Shall Perish, (old) Suicide SilenceThy Art Is Murder, Fallujah, and Dying Fetus together in a pot, Pitch Black is a promising release from this band. With a bit of tightening up in the songwriting department, maybe a condensing of some song lengths, and a continued progression of their own individuality, I see good things ahead for them in the future.

At the moment though, Pitch Black is still an enjoyable collection of tracks and I’ll happily spin this again in the future whenever I have the urge to crush things with great weight.

Check this out.

FAVOURITE TRACK: Blinded Eyes. On this song the band’s brand of brutality all comes together in a tasty package. Very nice.

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