Scalpel – Methods to Delusion (Review)

ScalpelThis is the second album from Scalpel, a death metal band from the US.

We haven’t heard much from Scalpel since 2013’s Sorrow and Skin. This was one of the earliest reviews I ever did, (as you can probably gather by reading it), so the band have always stuck in my mind. It’s great to catch up with them almost four years later. My, where does the time go?

Anyway, Methods to Delusion is 31 minutes of pummelling aggression and bloody barbarity. There’s something quite visceral about Scalpel’s music, and you can almost taste the gore as they go about their grisly butchery with enthusiasm and relish.

The death metal on this release is quite feral, and enhanced with lashings of grindcore. We get largely short songs that mix ugly blast beats, fast savagery, meaty riffs, and crushing groove together in a blooddrenched mix of musical horror.

For all of the ferocity and mayhem on this album, one of the things that always struck me about the band is their ability to write a decent tune. This isn’t mindless music, and many of the riffs sound like a lot of consideration has gone into them. The fact that this consideration is largely about how best to cave in your skull is neither here nor there; Scalpel have obviously thought about the carnage and destruction that they want to cause, and Methods to Delusion is their statement about how they want to best go about their slaughterous ways.

Yes, Scalpel know their stuff and Methods of Delusion is a very enjoyable feast of gore metal. Let’s hope they don’t leave us hanging so long between future releases.

Check this out.

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