Causticgod – Sullen Sanctuary (Review)

CausticgodThis is the debut album from Irish metal band Causticgod.

Causticgod mix traditional doom metal, heavy metal, and stoner metal together across these 44 minutes.

The songs combine the various elements from the aforementioned genres in quite a natural way, as there’s a fair bit of overlap to certain parts of these styles.

There are some good riffs peppered across the tracks, and the songs show a decent understanding of what makes this kind of music listenable and enjoyable.

The singer’s voice is loud and proud, carrying conviction and weight. He’s probably a little prominent in the music for my tastes, but this is a relatively minor quibble, especially as this issue is largely fixed when he adds a rougher edge to his voice rather than purely using his cleaner delivery.

A promising debut for this new band. With a few stylistic tweaks they could be on to something quite worthwhile here.

Have a listen.

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