Eoront – Another Realm (Review)

EorontEoront are a Russian black metal band and this is their second album.

Playing keyboard enriched atmospheric black metal with a deep mystical side, Eoront’s latest album contains over an hour of sprawling, epic music.

The band take the atmospheric parts of second wave black metal and fold them into their own delivery. The music strongly brings to mind some of the more atmospherically-inclined bands of this era, (Hecate Enthroned, Setherial, Emperor, Burzum, Windir, etc.), as well as some more contemporary ones such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Alcest, Altar of Plagues, Fen, and others.

Ambient elements can be heard across the playing time; these sometimes manifest as focal points in their own right, whereas at other times they lurk in the background adding extra depth to the blackened proceedings.

The feral screaming is loose and ragged, helping to conjure up images of wild animals in exotic wildernesses. The singer has a strong delivery and works well with the music to provide ample reason to listen to these tracks.

Emotive leads seem to sail ethereally alongside the dark riffs of the distorted guitars. Feeding into the band’s atmospheric approach, these enhance the songs as much as the ambient/atmospheric keyboards do. There’s sometimes a kind of juxtaposition to the music between these calm, introverted elements and the raging, extroverted guitars with their accompanying blasting drums. Eoront’s ability to provide this complementary contrast works well on the songs, showcasing the band’s ability to weave ostensibly disparate elements together effectively.

Overall this is a quality example of contemporary black metal that takes influence from both old and new. The end result is an album with a lot to offer connoisseurs of the dark arts, and Another Realm is a very enjoyable listen because of it.

Highly recommended.

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