Tornado Kid – Hateful 10 (Review)

Tornado KidTornado Kid are a Russian metal band and this is their debut album.

Holy shitbastards this is good!

This is Southern-styled metal, with a bit of hard rock thrown in for good measure, as well as some hardcore influences. Sometimes when you think of a band who are described as Southern metal, you can think of tired clichés and generic delivery; there’s none of that here.

Songs! So many of them! Well, actually only ten, but they punch you in the face so hard and so forcefully that it feels like a lot more. At only 32 minutes in length, it’s very easy to just listen to this album over and over again. And you should.

The songs are short and punchy, glorifying a kind of girls, guns, and beer attitude that sees the band rocking out with the best of them and peeling of Southern-fried metal riffs with enthusiasm. Indeed, the band’s rampant enthusiasm is so infectious that it’s hard to not get carried away along with them.

Catchy and with plenty of hooks, (so many hooks), Hateful 10 comes across as a less-chaotic, more Southern-metal/rock version of a band like Every Time I Die. The passion and emotive energy that comes off Tornado Kid in waves is similar, only in a different, more metal way.

Although the singer deserves particular attention for his extremely charismatic and talented performance, this shouldn’t outshine the fact that the rest of the band match this effortlessly. Tornado Kid are a band that have the full package going for them. These songs are hideously impressive and enjoyable. Well-written and with more hooks than a coil of barbed wire, Tornado Kid know how to rock out with energetic depth that belies the short, instant-appeal nature of these tracks.

The album boasts a strong, beefy, professional production that allows the songs to really shine. The short tracks sound solid and full, and all aspects of the band’s delivery come across in the best light.

So, a band with bucketfuls of both style and substance? Damn, sign me up.

Essential listening.

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