Ars Veneficium – The Reign of the Infernal King (Review)

Ars VeneficiumThis is the debut album from Ars Veneficium, a black metal band from Belgium.

This is a release full of fast-paced blasphemy and hatred. Ars Veneficium play fiery black metal that’s mean-spirited and true to its Satanic legacy.

This kind of black metal blasts by so fast that it’s like listening to a wall of blistering, noisy heat that’s nearly impenetrable due to the amount of danger it exudes. Touch it and be scarred.

Of course there’s exaggeration here, as the band don’t play at full speed the entire time. Blast beats are near-ubiquitous, but they certainly aren’t the only mode of attack on this very enjoyable album. When they do let go of some of their inherent fury, the slower parts are equally as well-delivered as the faster ones.

Blackened melodies are used to give the music depth, and the razorblade riffs cut deep and draw blood with ease.

The singer’s relentless screams are as merciless as the blast beats. He has a good voice for this kind of work though, so that’s no bad thing.

The scathing hatred that comes off the music in waves is an intoxicating brand of evil. Ars Veneficium know their poisonous art well, and The Reign of the Infernal King is 42 minutes of foul worship that’s hard to ignore.

For fans of dark black metal that’s full of fiery blasting and hatred.

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